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Sulfuric Acid
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11 Mar 2019
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Sulfuric Acid, known as sulfuric acid, H2SO4, is a strong mineral (inorganic) acid. This substance dissolves in water in all comparisons. Sulfuric acid has many uses and is one of the main products of the chemical industry. Strong colorless mineral acid with high corrosive properties. Sulfuric acid can dissolve in water in various comparisons. Concentrated sulfuric acid is very dangerous when exposed to skin tissue because of its corrosive nature, and by its nature as a strong water puller (dehydration) it will cause wounds such as burns on skin tissue. The higher the concentration of sulfuric acid the more dangerous it increases. Although the sulfuric acid is runny, it will still be able to dehydrate the paper if sulfuric acid droplets are left on the paper for a long time. We also sell various Concentrated Sulfuric Acid

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